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    What to wear to summer parties

    Midsummer party glamour is perhaps the hardest to pull off with aplomb. How do you do glamour when temperatures sizzle? In winter, at least you have the LBD to fall back on. In scorching July, black just feels wrong. Ask any lady who has been lucky enough to attend one of the spectacularly dressy events that have dominated paparazzi pages recently – the Serpentine Gallery summer bash or Net-a-Porter’s 10th anniversary party, for instance – and she will tell you that dressing for a Big Night Out makes finding the perfect Ascot ensemble child’s play by comparison. By now, it’s far too late to look in the summer sales for…

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    Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Whitney Port vs. Rihanna

    A style showdown between Whitney Port and Rihanna is clash of fashion titans, albeit very different ones. We love these two. But there can be only one winner. Amazingly, both The City star and fashion designer and the pop star manage to make their looks work well with wildly printed, black and white harem pants. MC Hammer would be proud … if he could afford an Internet connection and read this. Just kidding. Probably. Dude was in serious financial trouble for a time. Anyway, who looks better? Check out the Whitney and Rihanna pics and vote!

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    Fashionable with a Long Skirt? Let’s Fit First with Body Shape

    For women who wear a long skirt is one of the things that is often used to be combined with other clothes. As its development, the current long skirt has a variety of models. There are also many trends regarding long skirts that often develop nowadays. But remember, not all skirt models are suitable for all body shapes. Then how do you choose the long skirt that fits your body shape? let’s look at some skirt models that fit the shape of each body so you look more fashionable. 1. Skirt for a tall and slim body This body shape is certainly the body shape coveted by all women, with…

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    How to Find a Perfect Bikini for Your Body Shape

    Summer is here and many of us are thinking about catching waves at the beach or simply relaxing by the pool. So you will need a perfect bikini to look your possible best. I prepared a guide to help you to find the best swimsuit for your body shape so you could relax and enjoy your holiday. Often when it comes to swimsuits, many women focus on hiding something about ourselves. You should stop it now! It’s time to accentuate your best assets, not mask your worst. Everything you wear should make you feel good, not the other way around. All bodies are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. The…

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    Rational Pursuit of Fashion, Choose Your Own Unique Style

    The heron grows very beautiful. For this reason, it loves dressing up, likes to pursue fashion, and if there is something popular, try it without thinking. On a hot summer day, the heron came to the big forest for a holiday. The animals in the forest only know that the heron lives far away, but she has never seen her. When I saw it today, it was beautiful and moving. I am very envious. In order to express the welcome to the distant guests, the rabbit brother, the tortoise grandmother and Mr. Qiong are very friendly and say hello to the heron, I hope she can have a pleasant holiday…