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How to Find a Perfect Bikini for Your Body Shape

Summer is here and many of us are thinking about catching waves at the beach or simply relaxing by the pool. So you will need a perfect bikini to look your possible best. I prepared a guide to help you to find the best swimsuit for your body shape so you could relax and enjoy your holiday.

Often when it comes to swimsuits, many women focus on hiding something about ourselves. You should stop it now! It’s time to accentuate your best assets, not mask your worst. Everything you wear should make you feel good, not the other way around.

All bodies are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. The key to feel good in swimwear is to find the ideal cut and style that will give you the perfect beach body and you will never have to cover up or hide under sarongs.

Hourglass Figure

If your shoulders and hips are the same width and you have a slim waist, you’re lucky enough to be able to wear pretty much any kind of swimwear. However the biggest challenge hourglass ladies often are facing is big bust. Look for tops which will give you needed support and have no embellishments.

Go For

✓ Vintage style and halter neck bikinis are ideal to accentuate your curves

✓ Ample cleavage

✓ Thick straps and higher backs


✗ Mix-matched tops and bottoms it might make your body look disproportional.

✗ One-piece costumes unless they fit perfectly – if they don’t hug your curves, they can flatten your shape and make you look heavier than you are.

✗ Bandeau style bikini – if you’re big busted they will squash your shape.

✗Triangle tops if you are bigger than a D-cup

Boyish Figure

If you have an athletic figure like you can wear almost any swimwear styles. However, probably you want to appear more feminine. Therefore you should try styles with feminine shapes to add some curves to your boyish frame.

Go For

✓ Look for frilly bikinis to add curves, volume and movement

✓ Triangle and bandeau bikinis and halter necks look great on slim women

✓ Little bottoms that tie at the side

✓ Tops with padding, ruffles, beading and pleating will create the illusion of a fuller cup size

✓ You want to create an illusion of curves so opt for frills and embellishments.


✗ One-piece swimsuit – it will make you appear even more boyish

Inverted Triangle Figure

Your problem is broad shoulders. In order to create a visual balance you will need to give the bottom half a bit of a boost.

Go For

✓ Halter neck bikinis will draw attention to your chest not your shoulders

✓ Frilly bikini bottoms


✗ Bandeaus

Apple Shape Figure

You carry extra weight around your middle section. You should choose one-piece swimsuit rather than bikini – it will show off your décolletage and flatten your tummy at the same time.

Go For

✓ A high cut bottom to show off your legs

✓ Balcony shapes will add a touch of vintage glam and offer good support

✓ Low cut top to draw eyes away from your middle section

✓ Wrap style one-piece – it will make your waist to appear thinner


✗ Super thin straps – they will make you appear bigger

✗ Horizontal stripes

✗ Bikini shorts as they will broaden your frame

Pear Shape Figure

You have big hips and slim shoulders and your biggest desire is to make your hips appear smaller. So you need to pick a bikini which will draw the eyes upwards.

Go For

✓ Balcony bikinis and triangle tops to show off your top half

✓ Low waisted bottoms

✓ Pair lighter, printed tops with a solid, dark coloured bottom

✓ A fairly high-cut bottom will create the illusion of longer and leaner legs


✗ Boy shorts as they will make your hips appear wider

✗ Busy prints or detailing on the bottom

✗ One-piece swimsuit – it will shorten your legs

When shopping for swimwear, pick something that suits you today not something that might suit you after you lost or gained some weight. Make sure you try on several options. But the most importantly make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Remember how you are feeling on the inside counts just as much as the outside!

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