Rational Pursuit of Fashion, Choose Your Own Unique Style

The heron grows very beautiful. For this reason, it loves dressing up, likes to pursue fashion, and if there is something popular, try it without thinking.
On a hot summer day, the heron came to the big forest for a holiday.

The animals in the forest only know that the heron lives far away, but she has never seen her. When I saw it today, it was beautiful and moving. I am very envious.
In order to express the welcome to the distant guests, the rabbit brother, the tortoise grandmother and Mr. Qiong are very friendly and say hello to the heron, I hope she can have a pleasant holiday in the forest.

The egret didn’t seem to hear everyone’s questions, just staring at the rabbit brother, the tortoise grandmother and Mr. Qi, and finally couldn’t help but laugh out loudly: “I’m not surprised, the animals in the forest are so ugly. You Hey, the rabbit’s mouth is three-petal, the turtle’s back is a flower, and the gentleman, looks more ridiculous.”
The rabbit brother, the tortoise grandmother and Mr. Qi did not expect that Lu Han was so polite and laughed at his looks. Three people went home.
Instead of blaming itself, the heron said: “The animals here are so stingy that they can’t stand a joke with them. Forget it, I will go to the forest myself!” She walked deep into the forest with her long legs. go with.

“I don’t know if there are any novelty things in the animals here. If I have any, I will learn it. When I return home, it is definitely the most fashionable!” Heron is a lady who loves to pursue fashion. It is dark and still Find something new in the forest.
The forest is getting quieter and quieter. The heron stands under the tree and looks around. In the dark, she sees many birds sleeping on the tree. It’s weird, how can these birds’ heads be invisible? Is this the most fashionable way to sleep? The heron asked her brother, and this time she was much more angry. “Can you tell me that the bird here is sleeping? Why can’t I see my head?”

“How come?” The rabbit brother thought that the problem of the heron was very strange, but he immediately understood that it must have been that the arrogant guy did not see clearly. The bird hid his head under the wings when he slept!
The rabbit brother wants to play around with this arrogant guy, he said, “Of course you can’t see their heads. They took their heads before they go to sleep. You don’t know, this is our most fashionable sleep here. law.”

“Oh! It’s so iteresting!” Heron was so happy that she couldn’t help but jump up.
The rabbit brother thought that the heron was stupid and almost laughed out loud.
Heron is very happy, she also wants to learn this most fashionable sleep, so she wants to find someone to help her take off her head.
On the way, Lulu met Mr. Qi. Mr. Yan saw her eagerness and felt very confused. He asked the question: “What makes you so happy?”
“Tell you, I want to find someone who can help me get my head off.” Heron told me what happened just now.
“What? Take your head off?””Yeah, the birds here are taking off their heads when they sleep. If only I have a head, how ugly?” Heron said very seriously, “Can you help me find someone who is willing to help?”
Seeing that Heron is so serious, Mr. Qi thinks that someone is joking with her, thinking of her rude behavior in the morning, and wanting to open her happy. “Don’t look for it, you see, he is coming here. He is the most skilled surgeon in our country.”

The egret looked back and saw a wolf. She always thought about the fashionable things. She didn’t even notice that the rabbit brother and Mr. Qi were joking with themselves. They went forward with respect and respect: “Respected surgeon, can you help me take my head off?”
When the wolf saw the heron and had a long, pointed mouth, she could not help but step back. “Who is this? How can I call a surgeon? Is she going to pick my head?”
Seeing that the wolf did not speak, the heron continued: “I want to learn the birds here to take off my head and sleep, I hope you can take my head off in the most fashionable style.
The wolf understood this time. The guy with a sharp mouth in front of him is a man who loves fashion but is very stupid. So, he said to Lulu: “I am very willing to help you, but I don’t know how long your neck should stay.”

When Lulu was willing to help the wolf, he couldn’t wait to say: “You can do it, as long as it is the most fashionable style.” Then he put his neck in front of the wolf.
The wolf is very happy. There is such a fool in the sky. He sent it to the door in vain! Don’t eat white! The wolf just wants to sip on the neck of the heron, and suddenly listens to the heron and asks: “Respected surgeon, picking the head Will it hurt?”
“Well…” The wolf didn’t think that Lulu would ask such a question. “The first time it hurts a little, but it takes a long time. You will get used to it when you pick it up for the second time.” The bite the heron’s head.

The egret that loves to pursue fashion is so unconsciously lost its life.

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